Inversion Tables – Gravity, Teeter and More

Welcome to the inversion tables blog here at BlogSavy, you will be given information about the many different reasons for  inversion tables, and the many benefits they offer. Most people use inversion tables and inversion therapy to ease back pain. To limit the uses of inversion tables just to back pain would be a grave injustice. Inversion tables are used to ease the wear and tear of gravity on the weight bearing joints in our body along with the back. Many doctors, therapists, trainers and other medical personnel consider the use of inversion to be a wide open area in the medical field. Inversion is also being introduced into the the military, for physical fitness.

One of the most common physical ailments facing adults is back or neck pain. Gravity uses your body weight to create or make the condition worse. No matter how large or small you are, gravity pulls your body from the head to your toes. The stress caused by gravity can effect your back, neck,  knees, feet, abdominal core, hips, circulatory system, along with migraine headaches, and other ailments.

Inversion tables reverse the adverse effects that gravity has done to us. Sorry ladies there is only so mush inversion can do to reverse gravity. Inversion tables use our body weight to take pressure off of all critical areas, relieve stress in others, and let blood flow naturally return to the head with less stress.

Inversion tables are very effective in the use for recuperation of injuries. Inversion tables are all natural therefore allowing recuperation to be done with out additional stress or injury. This has proven to allow recovery to be faster and less painful. Because the concept of inversion is not complicated, the cost and convenience of this therapy is minimal. It is predicted by many expert medical journals that inversion therapy will be on of the greatest findings for the next century.