Teeter Inversion Tables

When you are considering the purchase of an inversion table there are several things that should be pondered. The cost of Inversion table is not a dramatic expense, but any time you spend more than $100.00 onĀ  fitness or therapy equipment consumers should be cautious.

Teeter Hang Ups

You should ask yourself about the longevity of the company you are purchasing your table from. If the company hasn’t been in business for very long you may want to proceed with caution. Another question would be if the company will be around in the future. Teeter has been around since 1981, and has been recommended by several underwriters reports. The underwriters put the product through many gruelling test to determine the safety and quality of the product.

The next question usually asked is weather the equipment is safe and going to last. Since the price on these inversion tables are not minimal these questions should be determined before purchase. Underwriters laboratories have tested the Teeter Tables in three different tests. Teeter tables have been scored very high in the static load tests, cycle tests, and parts tests. The static load tests only require the equipment be able to support the weight four times the biggest user weight, Teeter is rated up to 1400 pounds on most of their tables. This is a great feature to be considered. The next test is a cycle test, in which the equipment is tested for the amount of longevity that can be expected. Teeter tables again surpassed the competition by cycling for almost 50 years of use. The last test was the parts test, were the availability for parts and services is checked. The Teeter tables come assembled so no parts to loose, and is able to be converted to gravity boot use.

In the research done on the Teeter products has been pleasantly surprising. I found this manufacturer to be committed to quality and customer service. The research has shown that there is more expense with this manufacturer, but like in so many cases you get what you pay for.